Sales Process Case Study – Video Enigma

This is the start of a series where we look at how a product is marketed and analyze what they are doing and how they could have improved their message or their hook.

This is not a recommendation to buy or not to buy the product. In this particular case, I haven’t and won’t.

After creating the video, I hopped over to JVzoo and can see that it is selling well and is number 1 and 2 for sales yesterday.


So, over to you:

a. Do you want to see more videos like this?

b. Did you buy it?

c. Any other thoughts?

Comparing Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch Pro

So, almost overnight Video Maker FX has become the best selling product ever on JV Zoo. 10s of thousands of copies have been sold and has obviously made a nice bit of change for the product owner.

Which is cool 🙂

What I wanted to do is to make a comparison between Video Maker FX and another piece of software called Easy Sketch Pro.

I have had ESP for a while but not got around to using it and bought VMFX a few days ago.

I put aside a few hours today to try them both out and to see which one I am going to use for a product coming up.

I have to admit, that I really liked the idea of VMFX from the salespage and could definitely see how quick and easy it would be to create videos. And perhaps more importantly, they look damn good.

So, before my review, here’s a few disclaimers:

1. I am not an expert in either of these software/s. There is a reasonable chance that there are features I was looking for that are there but that i missed.

2. There is very little training for either product. However there is also very little learning curve for either product. My training was basically getting my hands dirty.

3. My purpose for using both of these products was to create a video to sell something. Your use may be something different.

So, here’s my video review. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

(If you are the product owners and I have made an error, please let me know and I will correct it).

As a marketer, I think I probably should have made a call to action on the video to go and buy the products. But I have not done so. So probably deserve a slap on the wrist.

However, here are the links:

Video Maker FX (around $47)
Easy Sketch Pro (around ($147)

In summary, both products have their uses. Doubtful I will use Video Maker FX anymore unless there is a lot more customisations that I can make. However, easy to use and quick to make simple videos. Easy Sketch Pro is much more customisable but does lack that ‘quick hit’ and more expensive. However, will be continuing to use it for sales videos especially as no monthly charge.

First blog post that I have done for a long time. If you found it useful or have questions/comments, please let me know in the comments below.

Road Block To Profit

One of the biggest roadblocks that I
see to people making money is not:

– finding something that works
– creating a product to sell
– traffic

But it’s actually something much simpler.

It’s finding a webscript or software
to sell your product with.

There are some great solutions on the
marketplace, some more expensive than

And ultimately, I would say that you
should be using some sort of script
to sell your product.

However, at the end of the day, it is
FAR more profitable to start selling
your product with an imperfect solution
than it is to wait until you have found
the perfect solution.

And not only that…

Once you have started bringing in some
money with the imperfect solution, you
can then invest some of that money in
purchasing the perfect solution.

When I first started becoming successful
online, I had a membership site called
Adsense Adwords which gave people the
expected value of AdSense keywords.

(It’s no longer active, so don’t sign up!)

It was pretty successful and members loved
the content and stayed members for months
and months.

One thing that would have made it far more
profitable though would have been had I
had an affiliate program.

I had members BEGGING me to let them promote
it as an affiliate.

I had other marketers also offering to promote
it as I had promoted their product successfully.

But I hadn’t found the perfect solution to
power the affiliate backend and couldn’t get
my head around exactly how it should work, so
never got round to having others promote it.

Most technical things are actually far simpler
than you may think and I want to just give you
an example of how you can set things
up so that you don’t have to worry about the
technical, but can get going pretty much
immediately with a very powerful funnel.

The most important thing that you can do is
to make sure that you draw a diagram of how
you want something to work.

Once you have that diagram in place, then you
can set out how you want it to work.

Let me show you an example:


Sales process
Click This Image To Open It In A New Window

What this example shows is giving someone two
pricepoints on the front end.

Depending on which option they choose will
depend on what page they will land on after
they purchase through Paypal.

In addition, there is an exit popup from the
initial salespage where they will be offered
a free gift. If they sign up, then they will
be taken to a thank you page where they are
told to confirm their email address. When
they confirm that email address, they are
taken to a One Time Only Offer.

Coming back to the customer who did puchase:

They are shown a One Time Only Offer. If they
purchase, they are taken to a certain optin
page. If they don’t then they are taken to another
optin page.

At this point, we now have 4 different optin

1. The cheap option
2. The more expensive option
3. The cheap option + OTO
4. The more expensive option + OTO

In Aweber or any other autoresponder, we have
created four different lists. Depending on
which list they opt into will depend on the
ultimate download page which they’ll go to.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in
segmenting your customers, then you can just
put them all on one list and specify within
the form what the post signup page will be.

A couple of notes:

1. Obviously, this is not the most elegant
solution and does involve creating at least
13 pages. However many of them are almost

2. There is no download protection on any
of the pages meaning that someone can theoretically
find the page in the search engines. From
my experience, although it is important, people
do get too caught up on security and if people
really do want to share your product then they
will do anyway. It is far more important to
concentrate on the GOOD customers who will
purchase your product.

In conclusion:

I am not saying that the above solution is
the best solution.

What I am saying though is that it is a far
better solution than not selling a product
at all because you can’t decide what platform
to use to sell your product which causes

The additional advantage of the above solution
is that it is extremely easy to do both with
Clickbank and Paydotcom meaning that you can
also have affiliates promoting your product
without having to get your hands dirty with
an affiliate script.

Don’t forget, the easiest way to create a funnel
is to draw a diagram

Please feel free to post below any questions
or tips that you may have.

Best Wishes,

Ben Shaffer


Converting HTML to PDF in ASP Classic

I think that it is unfortunate that I am not a PHP programmer as there seem to be so many more products out there which are free and do jobs really well.

However, in ASP there is far less that is free and works out of the box.

Although, in a business environment, I often find that free is definitely not the most important thing and that what does become a priority is being able to use a tool very quickly without having to spend too much time learning how to use the program.

Took me quite a while to find a product which actually worked as advertised in ASP, so thought that I would let you know about .

I really wanted a very simple way to create a PDF document by feeding in HTML. The problem was that most of the solutions out there wanted you to do it by coordinates and line by line. What I wanted to do was to just feed some html and the pdf document to be formed.

That is pretty much what does.

It has pretty good documentation which only took me a few minutes to go through before I felt very confident that I would be able to use it successfully.

Oh…the other thing about it which was a bonus was the price. There was another solution out there which was about a thousand dollars, but why go for the more expensive option when the first one works.

I did have a slight problem installing it at first as I don’t have a typical setup. However an email to support was answered in about 5 hours and they gave me the solution which worked. That always gives me the confidence which I need when making a purchase and I probably wouldn’t had used it had they not replied.

I am using as part of Instant Content Robot, so that you can create a PDF quickly out of chosen articles. The feedback that I have received on that function so far has been stellar and it is great to be able to use something which works well out of the box.

It is definitely my intention to further develop the PDF functionality of ICR, so it is good to know that although I am only using the basic functions of that there is a long way forward if I want to use some of their more advanced features in the future.

They also have some other products which I haven’t used yet, but will do when I need that functionality. All in all, I have been very happy with my experience in using this company. is a great solution to use if like me you enjoy programming in ASP or and also want to easily create PDF documents on the fly. Once I had found this solution, I didn’t have to go and then look for anyting other. This was the solution for me and I am very happy that I found it.

To find out more about, go to: