Tony Robbins speaks about rituals

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Was just watching this video:

He speaks about a lot of things, but one of the things he speaks about is how different people have different rituals upon waking up in the morning.

Someone who is fit and is used to doing exercise will get up in the morning and put his shoes on and go for a run.

If you are not used to doing exercise then you are much more likely to decide NOT to exercise as it is too much effort.

However, if you get into a ritual of doing it everyday then not only will you become used to it, but it will become easier as you are more fit and therefore the actual exercise itself will also become easier.

He also speaks how the ‘unfit’ person will go to starbucks as a ritual and buy a coffee and a muffin and sit for half an hour eating it as opposed to having done a run and having your mind clear to go and do some work and make money.

This can apply to many areas of your life and it is generally a split decision that makes you go one way or the other.

When you ask yourself the question on whether you should do something or not, try not to think of the NOW, but how this will lead to better habits.

I (Ben) believe that we are all inherently lazy but those who succeed are the ones that fight against this laziness and form great habits.

It doesn’t days or weeks or months to come to a decision. It is a split second decision to go one way or the other.

Tony speaks about major successes or failures and how they are generally made up of good or bad decisions. Someone doesn’t have a surprise failure, but there are always many smaller events that lead to it.

For example, your washing machine may break down one day which leads you spending money on replacing it which means that you can’t use that money to buy bread for your family which leads to a divorce. What is it that led to the washing machine breaking down and then to the rest of the butterfly effect? Usually this can be planned in advance.

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