What 80% of your time should be spent on:

if not now whenIs funny, because I have actually read
the same thing three times in the last
24 hours.

And it makes so much sense.

If you are not spending 80% of your time
on the following three things, then you
are not maximizing your time.

They are:

1. Creating traffic

2. Capturing leads

3. Converting sales

Such simple advice, but also so brilliant.

I would suggest that the other 20% is mostly
spent on product development, but that will
vary from business to business.

But whether you are working online or offline,
the same three things are those that will
actually make you money when running your
own business.

I would suggest, that you actually write
down your figures either daily, weekly
or monthly and you will see that those
are the three things that will simply
make you more money.

Is it cliched to say “Take Action!”?

Keeping it real in an unreal world,

Ben Shaffer
Helpdesk: http://www.replytoben.com

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