The Hello World Post

Felt that I was well in the market for a new blog, so just set this up. Not sure I like the coloring in particular, so will need your feedback on that one. My old blog is now an ex-blog (in the words of Monty Python), so you will be unable to clarify any more, but will have to shmooze instead.

I felt that was much more friendly…

So the point of this blog is really to try and give out as much info as possible on things that I discover during the day or little tweaks which will help you in order to be more successful at internet marketing. I want to make a lot more videos, so watch out for that also.

I thought that it would be appropriate to just explain the basics of this blog, so that if you want to, then you can copy the general layout. Any WordPress experts, please feel free to tell me in comments that I have done something wrong…

I have kept fairly thin on the plugins so far. What I have installed are:

1. Askimet to try and stop spam comments. As it is already in WordPress, all that it takes is to activate it and enter your WordPress API which you will need to sign up for.

2. Kimili . This is a handly little plugin for showing videos on your blog. Although it may have changed in the latest version of WordPress, it is fairly hard to display camtasia on your blogs, so this helps (and it is free).

3. ABThemes. This is a plugin by David Pankhurst which I have used on other blogs and always serves me well. Basically, it is a way to easily create a theme for your blog. It took me a few mins to set up the theme for this blog in the way that I want it…although still not sure about the coloring.

In addition, I made a few tweaks:

1. Added a ping list so that the ‘right’ places are informed when I make a post.

2. Changed the permalinks to /%category%/%postname% so that the search engines like.

Please do let me know if there is anything else I should do, as WordPress is by no means one of my expertise…