Fancy Doubling Or Tripling Your Sales?

Dirty Little Trick To Increase Your Sales On Webinars
Dirty Little Trick To Increase Your Sales On Webinars

Here is a secret which I have never seen being discussed before.

And it does scare me to think of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of sales that haven’t been made because of this.

If you run webinars, then this trick could profit you so greatly, that if you do use it, I ask that you at least buy me some kind of present!

…alright, enough introduction…let’s get to the meat…

The normal pattern of a webinar goes something like the following:

1. Email list a couple of days before to get them to signup for your webinar

2. Email them again on the day of the webinar

3. Email them 10 minutes before to tell them you are starting

btw, if you are not doing step 3, then you are also missing out on a large percentage who will actually attend the webinar just from that email.

4. Do the webinar and make sales

5. Email out the webinar a couple of times until sales die down.

It’s very effective, but there is a step 6 which I have never seen anyone else do.

But one of my clients did it this week and so far has almost doubled her sales.

Send Out Another Email!
Send Out Another Email!

Step 6. Email out to a salesletter a day or so after sending to the replay.

I’m not so sure why this is so effective, but my instinct tells me it is because:

– many people need to see something written down before they buy

– it is combining the listening and watching of a webinar with a third sense which makes
it very powerful

– a salesletter has a very different ‘voice’ from a webinar. Especially if someone else wrote it. Meaning that it will appeal to customers who wouldn’t buy from the webinar

– it is another reason to email. You are sending prospects to something else from what they have already seen. Therefore a second bite of the cherry.

So, if you are doing webinars, my advice to you is very simple:

– write a salesletter or have one written for the product which you are selling on the webinar

– email out that salesletter at least twice having already exhausted exposure to your webinar

– enjoy the extra cashoola and please do send me some 😉

Please DO let me know your results.

Please share any other tips in the comments below. Of if you have an idea why this would work so well.

Keeping it real in an unreal world,

Ben Shaffer

March is Here!
March is Here!


PS. Since writing my own salesletter brought in over $800k, I have been taking on copywriting clients at a pace of one a month.

My ideal client has a product of at least $47 and is in the internet marketing niche. You will also be looking to do sales in excess of $100k.

If this is you, please be in touch at:

and let’s talk.

Here is what February’s client said:

“Thanks Ben for all of the work that you have
done on my salesletter. I haven’t properly launched yet,
but already have made over $80k of sales to my own list
just by implementing the concepts you developed.

It was great how you understood the concept as I explained
it to you and was able to express that in the salesletter
so well.

If anyone else is thinking of using you as a copywriter,
tell them they are free to get in touch with me as I highly
recommend you.
Thank you so much!

Sara Young”

PPS. Please do share this article!

How to sell (almost anything) online…

If you are already trying to sell a product and want to sell more, or want to sell a product, then in the following short article, I want to set out three ways that you can do it.

If you are not using any of these three, then you are losing money, period.

It is not always obvious how to make use of them, but I have found that they can generally be worked in after brainstorming for a bit.

So, I’m going to keep it short and get straight into the meat:

1. I failed and now I succeed…

This is one of the most powerful ways to sell almost anything. Let’s look at it in a few different niches:

a. Weightloss – I tried every diet under the sun and nothing worked. I tried Super Diet X and lost 10kg. Now you try…
b. Make Money Online – I spent thousands of dollars being scammed. Then I did this and a miracle happened and now I spend my year on vacation. This is what to do…
c. Dating – I had never even kissed a girl and was desperate to do so. I read all of the books from the so called gurus and nothing worked. Then I did something by mistake and now I have girls hanging on to my every word

This can be used to sell any product where there is a problem and a solution. You can see how I stated the problem first and then the fact that it was solved. Hopefully the prospect is having a similar problem and wants the same outcome that you are writing about.

An additional reason why this is so powerful is because you are talking about yourself. I remember a number of years ago buying a stereo. The guy in the shop told me that this was the one that he had at home and he loved it. In my innocence, I thought that if the expert has it and loves it then it must be good.

A further step that you can add to this, is to also give the results of someone else. That shows that not only does it work for me but it also works for others. Makes it a lot stronger.

2. The mystery man…

Here’s quite a weird one and you need to be a bit careful how you use it. Never lie about it, but see if you can use the true story to insinuate this.

What this is about, is the fact that you were failing at something (making money, dating, dieting etc.) and tried everything. Then you met someone by coincidence and they gave you the solution to your problem.

This is similar to 1., except the reason behind the solution holds some mystery.

In the ‘making money’ niche, you often hear about Russian Programmers or an Ex-Facebook employee. That is what is behind this idea. The other thing that makes it powerful is that there is a great story to it.

Once again, don’t make something up that isn’t true…

3. One legged golfer…

This really is one of my favorite although is pretty hard to make up. This is where you show that whatever you are selling worked for a third party even though they were at a huge disadvantage. The thought process here, is that if it worked for someone in a more unfortunate situation than you are, then how much more so it should work for you.

I call this the ‘one legged golfer’, because the most famous example is one by John Carlton with the following headline:

“Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards To Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks and Slices And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your Game Almost Overnight!”

So, what you need to do is find someone who is in a disadvantaged position and show how it works for them. Some examples that I have seen recently in Internet Marketing are:

a. 15 year old boy make $18,153 in 2 weeks
b. 7 year old daughter made $187 by secretly copying what I was doing on the internet
c. Man in $100k debt clears off his debt and makes a small fortune

Hope that you have found this useful. Feel free to leave any comments, questions or views below.

Ben Shaffer

Comparing Video Maker FX and Easy Sketch Pro

So, almost overnight Video Maker FX has become the best selling product ever on JV Zoo. 10s of thousands of copies have been sold and has obviously made a nice bit of change for the product owner.

Which is cool 🙂

What I wanted to do is to make a comparison between Video Maker FX and another piece of software called Easy Sketch Pro.

I have had ESP for a while but not got around to using it and bought VMFX a few days ago.

I put aside a few hours today to try them both out and to see which one I am going to use for a product coming up.

I have to admit, that I really liked the idea of VMFX from the salespage and could definitely see how quick and easy it would be to create videos. And perhaps more importantly, they look damn good.

So, before my review, here’s a few disclaimers:

1. I am not an expert in either of these software/s. There is a reasonable chance that there are features I was looking for that are there but that i missed.

2. There is very little training for either product. However there is also very little learning curve for either product. My training was basically getting my hands dirty.

3. My purpose for using both of these products was to create a video to sell something. Your use may be something different.

So, here’s my video review. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

(If you are the product owners and I have made an error, please let me know and I will correct it).

As a marketer, I think I probably should have made a call to action on the video to go and buy the products. But I have not done so. So probably deserve a slap on the wrist.

However, here are the links:

Video Maker FX (around $47)
Easy Sketch Pro (around ($147)

In summary, both products have their uses. Doubtful I will use Video Maker FX anymore unless there is a lot more customisations that I can make. However, easy to use and quick to make simple videos. Easy Sketch Pro is much more customisable but does lack that ‘quick hit’ and more expensive. However, will be continuing to use it for sales videos especially as no monthly charge.

First blog post that I have done for a long time. If you found it useful or have questions/comments, please let me know in the comments below.

Grab the funnel with both hands…

…and wring its neck!

I mean it.

This is really what makes me more money
than almost anything else that I do.

That is to improve my funnel.

If you think about any sales process,
there are at minimum three parts:

1. Driving traffic
2. Converting the traffic into customers
3. Increasing the value of the sale

There are SO many things that you can
do to improve your funnel that it would
be impossible to list everything on one
blog post…or probably on the whole blog.

However, what I am asking of you is to
take ONE thing and implement it before
midnight tonight.

It’s almost impossible for it not to
make you money.

So, here is what you have to do:

1. Find one thing that is making you
money or close to making you money.

And then choose just ONE thing from
the list below:

2. Drive more traffic to your offer.
Some ways to do this may be:
a. Adwords
b. Facebook ads
c. Banner ads
d. Posting on your Facebook wall
e. Posting on Twitter
f. Build some incoming links
g. Post a Press Release
h. Create a WSO
i. Send out an email
j. Buy a solo ad
k. Post an article to article sites
l. Contact a JV partner to mail for you

3. Increase your conversion:
a. Split test a new headline
b. Put an email in your followup series
c. Put an optin form on your site
d. Create an exit popup for emails or a discount
e. Do some other split-testing
f. Change your offer

4. Increase the value of your sale:
a. Increase your price
b. Add an OTO
c. Add an exit popup with a discount
d. Add a followup to your customer list
e. Add a downsell
f. Add a downsell OTO
g. Put an offer for another product on your download page
h. Add some affiliate links into your product

These are just some ideas, but you may think
of something else.

So, here is your favor to me which ultimately
will help you make more money:

Try something above and post in the comments
below what you are going to do or what you
have done with any results.

Have a great day!

Keeping it real in an unreal world,

Ben Shaffer